The Core Quality Content System of Ideological and Political Course Teachers in Universities under the “Great Ideological and Political” Pattern and Its Enlightenment

Teachers of ideological and political courses are the main body of ideological and political education in universities, and their core quality directly restricts the effectiveness of ideological and political education. Therefore, clarifying the components and interrelationships, and constructing a content system of the core qualities of teachers of ideological and political course in universities (IPCU), have important guiding significance for scientifically evaluating and effectively strengthen the educational effectiveness of IPCU. Based on the above understanding, this article adopts literature search, interview, and thematic discussion methods to summarize the five core qualities of IPCU teachers: ideological quality, political quality, moral quality, intellectual quality, physical and psychological quality. It also systematically elaborates on the interrelationships of these five qualities, thus constructing a content system. The results of this study suggest that the core qualities of IPCU teachers are a multi-level and multi-dimensional system, and the content and structure constantly change with the development of society; we should be rooted in the practical activities, grasp the development laws of the core qualities, draw on the achievements of relevant disciplines, and deepen and expand the research on the quality of IPCU teachers.

Keywords: Ideological and political course in universities (IPCU); Core Quality; Content system