Optimization of The Implementation of Assessment For Students With Special Needs Through The Development of The “ASSES ABK” Application

This research aims to develop a product in the form of the ASSES ABK application to optimize the implementation of assessments for students with special needs in schools providing inclusive education. This type of research is Research and Development (R&D) which uses the ADDIE model (analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation). This research was conducted at SDN Semangat Dalam 1 Barito Kuala. Data collection techniques use observation, documentation, and questionnaires. The instruments used were questionnaires, interview sheets, and documentation tools. Data analysis techniques use descriptive statistics to analyze product validation and effectiveness of product use. The results of the research show that at the analysis stage, it was discovered that the main problem faced by teachers in implementing assessments in the field was the unavailability of assessment instruments. At the design stage, researchers prepared a conceptual design related to the development of assessment instruments through the use of technology designed in the form of the ASSES ABK application as an effort to overcome problems in the field. The development stage is the development of the application by the IT team in accordance with the conceptual design prepared by the researcher, then the application is validated by an expert validator with a validation percentage of 87.5% with very valid criteria and can be continued at the implementation stage using the ASSES ABK application product by users in carrying out the assessment students with special needs in schools providing inclusive education. The evaluation stage showed that the percentage of product effectiveness was 86.7% with the criteria being very effective for use in assessing students with special needs. However, it is recommended for further research to enrich the ASSES ABK application by adding aspects of other developmental assessment instruments such as motor, language, social-emotional, and basic cognitive development

IndexTerms: ASSES ABK application, implementation of assessments, students with special needs.