School HEADS’ Instructional Leadership in Relation  to Teachers’ CLASSROOM Initiatives

School heads perform specific work functions to ensure classroom teachers deliver high-quality education. This study looked into the school heads’ instructional leadership in relation to the teachers’ classroom initiatives. It was conducted in the three Districts in Oroquieta City Division, Misamis Occidental, Philippines. The descriptive-correlational design was used in the study with 117 teachers who served as the respondents selected through a stratified random sampling technique. The data-gathering instruments used were the researcher-made School Heads’ Instructional Leadership and Teachers’ Classroom Initiatives Questionnaires. Weighted Mean, Standard Deviation, and Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient were the statistical tools used in analyzing the data gathered. Results revealed that the level of the instructional leadership of the school heads was outstanding, and the teachers’ classroom initiatives were to a very great extent. The school heads’ instructional leadership was highly influential in the teachers’ classroom initiatives. Thus, how well the school heads led the teachers determined the initiatives the latter made for their profession. The study recommends that school heads sustain a high level of instructional leadership for the classroom teachers to become motivated to upgrade their classroom and professional practices beyond what is required of them as educators.

KEYWORDS:    education, teachers, practices, Philippines, school heads