Spiritual and Scientific aspects of yoga

Yoga has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years. Yoga, today, is generally accepted and famous for it’s therapeutic use and a tool for physical fitness. As a serious philosophical, spiritual and scientific discipline, yoga has usually overlooked by the academicians. The present paper is an attempt to explore the spiritual and scientific aspects of yoga. It also tries to present a logical analysis of the same.

Spiritual life is the true genius of India. Those who made the greatest appeal to Indian mind are the holy sages, the ‘Rishis’ who teach us that pride and power, wealth and glory are nothing in comparison with the power of spirit. Yoga is a spiritual science for the integrated and holistic enlargement and magnification of our physical, mental as well as moral-spiritual facets. Yoga is based on the philosophy that is practical and useful for our daily lives. Yoga constructs desirable physiological alternations and has sound scientific foundations. Carl G.Jung, the eminent swiss psychologist described yoga as, “one of the greatest things the human mind has ever created.” The aim of yoga is the alteration of human beings from their ordinary form to an ideal form.

Modern research has recognized the scientific roots of yogic practices and yoga has now achieved international recognition and acclaim. The motto of yoga is to train and prepare human being for the life at the higher plane. Mere physical fitness and maintaining a sound health is not the objective of yoga-philosophy. Its aim is much-more higher than this.

Keywords: Spirituality, self-realization, endurance, magnification, awakening, irresistible, therapeutic, flexibility, contractibility