Counter-UAV Systems

An unmanned aerial vehicle is an aircraft that moves autonomously or can be controlled remotely and equipped with a useful load. It is now used in many fields such as agriculture, military and civilian. UAVs are preferred because they are affordable and have a more advantageous scope of use than aircraft. Countries have used it in various battles because of these advantages, and even UAVs have changed the course of battles. Together with these advantages, UAVs have been preferred to terrorist groups for attack purposes and have become a threat to countries. The threat has led countries to seek defence systems against UAVs. In this context, the study discusses the use of UAVs in warfare after general information has been provided. Subsequently, examples of UAV attacks by terrorist groups were cited. Methods for detecting UAVs have been continued and methods for disabling them have also been studied. In the light of all this information, it is estimated that the use of UAVs as a threat will increase, and in this context the development of defence systems against the UAV will be critical.

Index Terms: UAV, anti-uav system, counter uav system, detecting, neutralizing, uav attacks, unmanned aerial vehicle.