Hand-Controlled Mini Tractor Performance Results With Medium Capacity Motor

The use of mini tractors or hand tractors for loosening soil in Indonesia is quite popular. The number of tractors in Indonesia is 180 thousand units. Until now, the use of mini tractors in Indonesia is still limited for the management of wet and dry land. Currently, land management on dry land has barely been touched by a mini 2-wheel tractor. Whereas the potential of lowland dry land suitable for seasonal crops is not less than 23 million hectares. In addition to the type of material, the design of the traction wheel greatly determines the effectiveness of the tractor in changing the engine force in rotary power into the ability to pull loads/equipment in the field, for example for plowing the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to make a soil loosening machine or mini tractor with the same function and smaller dimensions, to make it easier for farmers to manage agricultural land. In this test, the researcher tested the land with an area of โ€‹โ€‹72๐‘š3 with an average speed of 16 seconds per 9 meters using a supra GX 200 engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp. At the time after the testing process it was found that tractor plowing with a land area of โ€‹โ€‹72๐‘š3 with forward and reverse motion to the point position early engine performance is not good because the engine capacity is small. After the researchers tested the performance of the tractor plow, the researchers then tested the fuel consumption using a measuring cup and got 36 ml /72๐‘š3 .In the 72๐‘š3 land area, processing time is obtained with a value of 2.09 minutes with an average speed of 16.65 seconds per stake.

Key Word: Tractor, field test, fuel, tractor speed, Engine.