Institutionalization of Instructional Research in Schools of Ethnic Minority Areas in China

Institutionalization of instructional research refers to the systematic, scientific and efficient system of rules and regulations to manage, organize, implement and evaluate instructional research activities. This study aims to present the status quo of the institutionalization and reveal administrators and teachers’ perceptions about its values for it provides institutional supports to organization and conduction of instructional research activities. A questionnaire has been adopted and delivered to participants from primary and secondary schools in Aba Autonomous Prefecture of Zhang and Qiang Nationalities. Data were collected and progressed with Microsoft Excel. Results demonstrate that the institutionalization of instructional research is affirmed by most teachers, but there are differences among schools and disciplines regarding management, resource availability, evaluation and leadership participation. Further discussions cover recognition and understanding of institutionalization of instructional research activities, perceptions about the differences among schools and disciplines, and relevant parties’ responses and reactions. This study implies practical and perceptive significances concerning the quality of school education and teachers’ professional development. 

Keywords: Instructional Research; Institutionalization; Ethnic Minority Areas