Current situation and optimization analysis of production cost management in Chinese automobile enterprises

After China’s economic development to a certain extent, people’s quality of life has been significantly improved, and people’s requirements for material life are getting higher and higher. With the gradual popularization of automobiles, a high-end durable consumer goods, China’s automobile manufacturing industry has also been rapid development, and many foreign automobile manufacturers have set up factories in China, which has made China’s automobile production and sales have ranked first in the world for several years. However, with the opening of the market and the intensification of competition, the competition in the automobile industry is becoming increasingly fierce, which brings great pressure to enterprises. In order to achieve great development in market competition, automobile enterprises must strengthen the cultivation of core competence and strengthen cost management. Therefore, how to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises is an urgent problem to be solved. Taking Chinese automobile manufacturing enterprises as an example, this paper discusses the cost management problem of automobile manufacturing enterprises from practice, and on this basis, puts forward some improvement measures for the cost management problem of automobile manufacturing enterprises in China.

Keywords: automobile enterprise, core competitiveness, cost management