Empathy and Interpersonal Relationships of College Students: A Case Study Adopting Social Skills as a Moderating Factor

The study aimed to examine the relationship between empathy, social skills, and interpersonal relationships among college students, considering the influence of gender, grade level, family background, and major. Surveying 389 college students, the findings revealed that empathy positively impacted interpersonal relationships, emphasizing its crucial role in college students’ social interactions and relationship formation. Cultivating empathy can promote healthy relationships and contribute to psychological well-being. Social skills were found to moderate the relationship between empathy and interpersonal relationships, indicating that developing social skills enhances empathy’s positive impact. Good social skills enable effective expression, conflict resolution, and problem-solving, thereby enhancing the quality and stability of relationships. Gender, grade level, family background, and major were found to influence empathy, social skills, and interpersonal relationships, suggesting the need for targeted training and support strategies. Further research can explore additional factors to provide comprehensive guidance and support in fostering positive interpersonal relationships among college students.

Keywords: Empathy; Interpersonal Relationships; Social Skills; College Students