An Analysis to Identify the Variables Affecting the Total Derivative Financial Instrument Transaction Volume of Deposit Banks Operating in the Turkish Banking Sector during and after the 2008 Crisis

The most important actors of the financial system, banks, especially in recent years, in order to protect themselves from negativities such as interest rate risk, exchange rate risk, credit risk, decrease in their capital or to manage their risks correctly, especially in recent years, they prefer to use derivative products, which have become more important with globalization. have begun to attach great importance. This study has been carried out with the idea that banks have increased their use of derivative products in fund management today. The aim of this study is to determine which internal factors affect the use of derivative products by banks in terms of revealing derivative market transactions and derivative product usage dynamics, which are important for the banking sector. In the analysis part of the study, the relationship between the variables that affect the derivative product use levels of public, private, and foreign capital deposit banks operating in the Turkish banking sector during and after the crisis will be examined, based on the period of 2008 – 2020. In the study, descriptive statistics, mean and standard deviation values ​​will be calculated and the level of conformity of the measurements to the normal distribution will be made with the Kolmogrov Smirnov test.

Keywords: Derivative products, Banking sector, CAR, Net Interest Margin, Size

Gel Code: G11, G21, G15