The Teaching and Evaluation of the Literary Text for Terminal Level

This article deals with the teaching of the literary text for terminal level, series: A on the one hand, and its evaluation on the other hand. Its objective is to show how the literary text is taught to learners of terminal “A” level including its evaluation. Methodologically speaking, didacticism and linguistic approaches sound required for the achievement of this study. The results obtained in this study show that, thanks to the teaching card, four sections are considered for the teaching and evaluation of the literary text in English for the learners of terminal “A” level. In section one, there are two type of questions namely: A and B. In A, learners say if the statements are true or false after reading the text. Wh-Questions are visible in question B. As for the section two learners are to deal with linguistic competence in vocabulary and grammar. Section three regards communicative competence. The fourth section deals with the writing skill.    

Key-words: Teaching, evaluation, text, learners, terminal level.