The path of low-carbon development in the healthcare industry under the “Double carbon” target

“Accelerating the green transformation of development” is not only an important content of the 20th National Congress report but also a concrete embodiment of the spirit of the 20th National Congress. The medical and healthcare industry is providing medical services in the carbon emission, and how to innovate the low-carbon development path of the medical industry is an important issue in response to the spirit of the 20th National Congress. To achieve sustainable development in the healthcare industry, we must explore low-carbon development paths. In view of this, this paper analyzes the current situation of the development and carbon emission of the healthcare industry under the goal of “Double carbon”, and proposes the development path of medical informatization, standardization of treatment, and low-carbon transformation by combining the theory of “social-technological” system transformation.

Key words: medical and health industry; Low carbonization; Development path; “Double carbon” target