Green Warehousing Practices and Their Impact on the Overall Business Performance

Warehouses contribute significantly to increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain. It is therefore not surprising that academic research on environmentally friendly and sustainable storage has increased in recent years. This attention has led to an increase in the number of publications in this field. Therefore, this study proposes a literature review on the topic of green warehousing. This study provides a comprehensive overview and classification of existing research on green warehousing, summarizes, and synthesizes available knowledge on the subject, and identifies key trends. Promising ideas for future research are suggested based on the literature review. This result indicates a growing interest in sustainability issues in the warehouse-related literature, with energy conservation being the most studied goal, followed by the environmental impact of warehouse buildings and green warehouses.  However, the literature on green warehouses lacks case studies and empirical data. The main contribution of this study is to comprehensively present the current state of knowledge on green warehousing in terms of the macro-issues addressed, the specific issues considered, and the methodological approaches, including a comprehensive taxonomy of the relevant literature, is summarized. An overview of management guidelines for environmentally friendly resource management and proposals for future research ideas will contribute to further developing this emerging research area.

Index Terms–Green, Warehouse, Practices, Business, Performance, Emissions, Energy Consumption