Emphatic Leadership in a Working Environment

An empathic leadership style research study focuses on empathetic leadership theory on how, if possible, it can enhance business performance through active learning behaviors and emotional quotient (EQ) by focusing on compassionate attitudes. Empathic Leadership can also focus on the people’s performance model and include the active learning theory framework based on the active learner model. This active learning modeling can be measured with quantitative analysis to understand the emotional aspect of the learning behavior on why empathic cognitions influence a person’s performance abilities through understanding the emotional quotient (EQ) approaches by applying trait-based measures to define the measurement of the emotional intelligence regarding workers emotional ties with empathic leadership traits to help address performance and show support, which helps build trust. In addition, the research studied employees’ companionate attitudes to determine what can probably be used to self-regulated emotions to empower leaders to help reduce the span of responsibilities to individualize attention to the employees’ concerns.

Keywords: Empathic Leadership, Trait Activation Theory, and Compassionate Styles