Factors Contributing to Homelessness in Kuala Lumpur City

This research paper aims to highlight the problem of homelessness in Malaysia, which is not a new critical issue in the country. The unceasing increase in the homeless population has been on the rise along with the development of the country.  Compound by the fact, the matter is made worse with general public’s view that homelessness as self-inflicted, resulted from complacency and laziness. This stereotype perception has been the main obstacle to tackle the problem effectively.  Thus, this research is to explore the factors contributing to the homelessness, drilling into microscopic contributors causing to each homelessness in Kuala Lumpur city using the qualitative method through interview and observation.  The finding indicated that there were eight main factors contributing to the homelessness based on the data collected from thirty participants. The highest overarching factor contributing to homelessness as (i) drug and alcohol addiction (34%), followed with (ii) sickness or physical disabilities (16%), (iii) family problems (14%), unemployment (10%), (iv) old age (8%) and finally (v) gambling or (vi) debts issues, mental disabilities and abused or cheated with equal percentage contribution (6%).Research found that homeless with drug and alcohol addiction is the highest risk factor contributing to the homelessness in the city.  In Malaysia particularly in Kuala Lumpur city, AnjungSinggah, which was established by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to help put roof over the heads of homeless and to provide free temporary shelter, food and job to homeless, have been in existence over the many years to overcome the homeless problem (Aizuddin, Jabar, & Idris, 2019). 

Keywords: Homelessness, factors, main contributor.