Unbundling the nexus of sport cheating: Leveraging on the philosophy of Hunhuism/Ubuntuism.

Abstract: The study was carried out with a conviction to trace and unearth the scourge of sports cheating that has denigrated the sport enthusiasm in all nations. An interpretivist philosophy was employed to gather the exact causes of sport cheating. It was found that the desire to gain economically and socially, the behavior of coachers and sports administrators of being win-centered were the chief fueling factors for sport cheating in schools. The study concluded that the hunhuism as the bedrock philosophy is not in the school syllabi, hence leaving a gap for sport immorality to thrive. A general belief among sport participants is premised on the idea ‘ if you don’t cheat, you won’t win. The study recommends that parents must be the vanguards of teaching morality at home. The Ministry of Education must stress the teaching of Hunhuism in schools.

Key words: Hunhuism, morality, cheating, doping, sportsmanship.