Representation of Power Hegemony in Mata Najwa’s Exclusive Episode Talk Show: “Ganjar Pranowo and the World Cup”

This research aims to describe the representation of power hegemony in Mata Najwa’s exclusive episode talk show: “Ganjar Pranowo and the World Cup”. The research used a qualitative method. Data analysis was done descriptively. The data collection method used the basic technique of listening and the advanced technique of note-taking. Data validity was done by referential validity test and intrarater reliability. The result of the research shows that there is a practice of power hegemony represented through Ganjar Pranowo’s speech. The evidence is found in the description stage seen from the experiential, relational, and expressive values in the vocabulary and grammatical aspects. Meanwhile, the textual structure aspect reveals the participant’s controlling device. The interpretation stage contains evidence that the interviewer  positions herself as a person who does not take sides with the interviewee by looking at the content of the talk show in relation to the background of the parties involved. The interviewer directs the interviewee to explain clearly the power hegemony that influences his speech. The explanation stage reveals the power hegemony from the strength of party ideology binding the members so that the discourse appears by the speaker. The explanation stage also reveals the social impact of the power hegemony represented through the speaker’s speech is the birth of pro and contra groups and the construction of demands for particular elements to become universal.

Keywords: Power hegemony, critical discourse analysis, Norman Fairclough