Probative educational argument in constitutional rights of young people before neuromyths with the use of Google map and Google Earth

It is a project that aimed to confront the neuromyth of the misapplication and conceptualization of multiple intelligences in the educational society and to emphasize Gardner’s true words. It is a descriptive and exploratory study based on a pedagogical application work for EGB and high school students from the Provincia del Carchi Technical Fiscal College, in which they were provided with the cognitive bases of Project-Based Learning in order to form an album of Photo of the virtual tour of the students through different parts of the country. A qualitative expository study is applied in which it is concluded that the PBL methodology is accompanied very well by other methods such as Design Thinking applying Google Maps and Google Earth as long as they are given the guidelines and they are preparing the observation sheets. And the albums.

Keywords: Project-Based Learning- Cooperative Learning. Design Thinking- Neuromyth-