Public spaces play a vital role in the social, political and economic life of the society and nations such as Nigeria. The primary purpose of this paper is to underscore the importance of the role of Christians in the public space. The Christian faith encompasses a responsibility to the world in which we live in, as believers are commissioned and expected to be agents of transformation as salt and light in the world. Imbedded in this vision and mission is the good of all and to actively add value to life. This paper undertakes an examination of this responsibility upon Christians, encompassing their mindset, disposition, and conduct in this sphere. It underscores the urgent need for Christians to reflect on their public responsibility. The paper seeks to elucidate the concept of the public space and the Christian’s place within it, while emphasizing the indispensable role of Christians in this realm. Drawing on the understanding of God’s engagement with the world, the paper argues that this serves as a reason and foundation for Christian’s involvement in the society, and identifies three key areas in which Christians are called to exhibit appropriate behavior in this context. The methodology used in this research is the historical research method.

KEYWORDS: Christians, Responsibility, Public Space, Martin Luther