The Merchants of God in Cameroon from 1990 to 2022

Faith is about trusting something or someone whithout logical proof. On the spiritual level, it is attachment and firm conviction in things that we do not see. That is why the religious speaks of belief in one God. Defined as such in the religious field since the origins of the world, faith and what it implies as activity are meant to be no-market. But more and more, in Cameroonian society, the commodification of God seems to have reached its climax, it is practiced in animism, islam and Christianity. The most prominent sect (freemasonry, cross rose, confreres of the oxl and raven and) who officiate under the label of philosophical schools or light are not left out. In fact, faith is the cornerstone of these beliefs, prayer and “spiritual combat” are made for the salvation of man. But, these activities are not free. For, it is necessary to give offering, to offer sacrifices in cash as in nature to consult the leaders of these different obediences and to obtain those that one needs (protections, healings, jobs, marriages…).

KEY WORDS: belief, God, fetishism, faith, and commodification.