The Priority Information Display on the Screen in the Course of Statical Toughness Testing of Airplanes

The problem task of priority presentation information on the screen about a structure’s action while toughness testing is considered. The dynamical priorities’ dedication has been formulated, and neural network procedure of control by supervision page display at weighting is suggested. When carrying out strength tests of such complex structures as airplanes, along with the organization of the loading field and the installation of strain gauges that measure the strength of the state of the product, there is the problem of choosing a piece of information about the test progress that is primarily needed by the operator. In accordance with the procedure accepted in practice for presenting the results to a human operator on the screen of the display system, it is necessary to show on display one of several pages consisting of a given number of lines. In this case, each line contains information about the level of tension of the structure in a different place and the number of the loading step, and each page carries information about the state of the strength of the corresponding structural unit. After the next increase in the static load, the operator has the opportunity to view one of several pages on the screen alternately. The operator can view one page at a given time and identify significant changes in parameters, and then move on to view another page. However, with a sequential search of pages, a situation may arise when new messages about the occurrence of dangerous violations of the structure’s strength appear in some lines of the pages not shown and stored in the computer memory, which will lead to an accident. Therefore, to improve the characteristics of the system for displaying information on the screen, it is advisable to determine the procedure for optimal presentation of pages by assigning dynamic priorities.

Keywords: priority presentation information; neural network; procedure for optimal presentation of pages