In today’s conditions, good and evil are understood very differently, so it is necessary to clarify the transformation between good and evil in maintaining the survival of species. When humans separate from species, humans are living objects of each other. Humans become each other’s means and ends, making human life differentiated into different species. Different living habits make the instincts of a species different. The family lives by tradition, religion lives by canon law, and the state lives by law. Human hypocrisy, family conflict, inadequacy in religion, conservatism in the state, and laziness in productive labor are the survival problems of mankind. Every living species has an internal and external exchange, that is, a necessary and free exchange, an unconscious and instinctive exchange, a capacity and a need, a will and a knowledge, a means, and an end. The transformation between means and ends causes human life to be divided into different species such as family, religion, state, and company. Different jobs in the family, religion, state, and company are living habits and survival instincts. All professions are noble, and equal, without discrimination between people. When people become means, each other’s ends make truth and falsehood, justice and injustice, and good and evil appear. As the norm, money is the need; Family, religion, and state carry the instinct of a species. Jobs and professions with standard instincts and money are replaced by robots. The action of the robot is irresponsible, and the responsibility belongs to the human race.

Keywords: human, instinct, species, good, evil