COVID-19, a new coronavirus, has made problems that were already widespread in the international business world even worse, which is a worry. The pandemic is not only a biological health problem; it has far-reaching repercussions in many other areas as well, including the economy, society, technology, and even human behavior. As companies of the modern era realize they must adjust to the new normal by implementing creative responsive systems, they are rethinking what it means to “work.” Numerous businesses are already taking advantage of modernized technology to encourage innovation in the workplace. Notwithstanding the many different adaptations companies have made In response to the current hardship, the requirement for managers to have meaningful comprehension and interpretation of behavioral presentations seems to have swiftly risen in the face of rising workplace issues. Using an exploratory study design, this work intends to help managers understand employee behavior in the workplace by analyzing the major factors influencing such behavior and offering solutions that put managers in a stronger position to succeed despite challenges.

Keywords: Behavior, COVID-19, Management, Nigeria, Technology