Study on offensive tactics and effects after the suspension of the 2016 Olympic Men’s Basketball Top Eight

In basketball games, coaches often change technique and tactics by asking for pause in order to adjust the state of the team, disrupt the rhythm of the opposing team, reverse their own decline and other effects. The use of pause at critical moments can play a key role in changing the trend of the game and even directly affect the outcome of the game.Therefore, the deployment of offensive tactics after a timeout is particularly important. How to make good use of the opportunity to play tactical arrangements after a timeout will sometimes directly affect the confidence of players and the situation of the following game. By using the method of literature, expert interview, video analysis and mathematical statistics, this paper takes the offensive tactics after the pause of the 2016 Olympic men’s basketball Top Eight as the research object, and analyzes the characteristics of the offensive tactics and effects of the top eight teams after the pause.

Keywords: Men’s basketball eight round; pause; offensive tactics