Draw a Person: Intellectual Ability Test for Chilldren, Adolescents, and Adults – The Potential for Screening Diagnostic of Selected Cognitive Abilities

The goal of the study was to verify potential of human figure drawing for screening diagnostics of cognitive abilities i.e. how it could be reflected in human figure drawing memory, verbal and nonverbal intellectual abilities. Sample consisted of 50 adult participants in the age from 21 to 49 years (M=29). There were used methods Draw-A-Person – Intellectual Ability Test for Children, Adolescents and Adults (DAP: IQ, evaluated by three evaluators) memory test LGT3 Form A and test of intellect structure in shortened version ISA-S. Previous findings put performance in DAP: IQ into connection especially with nonverbal abilities, the so called fluid intelligence. Thanks to comparison of rough score in abovementioned methods it could be stated that in quality of elaboration are reflected, in some extent, also memory abilities (DAP: IQ and LGT3). We did not find, though, any relation to elements covering crystalline intelligence with the exception of memory subtest that is a part of ISA-S.

Key words: Human figure drawing, memory, fluid intelligence, crystalline intelligence.