The Status of and Relationship between Loneliness and Internet Addiction Among College Students

Objective To explore the status of college students’ Internet addiction and loneliness, and explore the impact of loneliness on Internet addiction. Methods 1229 undergraduates are selected by stratified random sampling method, and they are investigated with the Young Internet Addiction Impact Index (IAII) and the Revised UCLALS3 Loneliness Scale-Version 3 (UCLALS3). Results: (1) The scores of IAII and UCLALS3 of this group are (50.66 ± 12.83) and (43.63 ± 8.16) respectively. (2) The incidence of Internet addiction in this group is 75.25%; The incidences of low, medium and high loneliness are 22.17%, 33.64% and 44.19%, respectively; ⑶There are significant differences in the incidences of Internet addiction and loneliness between boys and girls at all levels(χ2=31.492, 43.256; All P<. 001). ⑷ The result of linear regression analysis shows that the total score of UCLALS3 positively predicts the total score of ITII (β=.368, P<.001). Conclusion Internet addiction is a common behavior problem of college students, and loneliness may be one of the main influencing factors of college students’ Internet addiction.

Key words: Internet Addiction, Loneliness, Influencing Factors, Linear Regression Analysis