Immunothrombosis: The Pathological Basis of Unexplained Recurrent Reproductive Failures

The failure of human reproduction in both natural and assisted cycles of reproduction is currently a major public health problem. In 1975, a hypothesis published in the Lancet entitled “where have all the conceptions gone? concluded that 78% of all conceptions were lost before birth.  Unexplained recurrent reproductive failures; the inability to conceive or maintain pregnancy to term in a healthy woman within her reproductive age accounts for 80% of all pregnancy losses and 50% of infertility.  In the present review, we describe the concept of immunothrombosis, a major hypothesis in the pathology of unexplained recurrent reproductive failures.

Keywords: Unexplained recurrent miscarriage, Unexplained recurrent implantation failures, Unexplained infertility, Low-grade chronic inflammation, Low-grade intravascular coagulation