Study on Tourist Perception of Scenic Spot Tourism Image Using ROST-CM6 Text Analysis – A Case Study of Guangjiqiao in Chaozhou, China

This study aims to discuss the tourist’s perception images of the Guangji Bridge scenic spot. Taking Ctrip’s network evaluation for the study area as a sample, we used the ROST-CM6 software to analyze its word frequency, emotion, and social network. The results show that, first, tourists of Guangji Bridge have a positive perception of the tourist image and tourists are impressed by the “Ancient City East” “Hanjiang” and other places around Guangji Bridge. Second, tourists have a perfect perception of its history, humanities, and outdoor landscape. The perception and evaluation of the scenic spots are mostly in positive words. The tourist’s positive emotions are 77.39 %, and the tourist’s negative emotions are 8.64 %. The negative emotions of tourists primarily concentrate on the management and transportation facilities, the trend of landscape modernization, the design of ticket systems and ticket prices, and the planning of tourist routes. The information of the analysis results has guiding significance for the overall planning of tourism in Chaozhou.

KEYWORDS: Scenic spot; Tourism image; Tourist perception; Text analysis; Guangji Bridge