This article talks about the historiography of Khiva Khan’s palace reception ceremonies. Establishment and political history of the Khanate of Khiva, after the death of Shaibani Khan in 1510, the territory of Khorezm was subdued by Ismail, the king of Iran. In 1510-1512 Khorezm was ruled by the deputies of the Iranian king. However, in 1512, popular movements against Iranians began in Khorezm regions. This movement was led by Umar Sheikh, the judge of the city of Vazir (located in Ustyurt, 60 km from Kokhna Urganch, founded by Mustafakhan, one of the Uzbek khans). And also in the article, the Khorezm oasis made a great contribution to the development of the Uzbek statehood in the ancient times, and the literature and their analysis were discussed in the study of the state administration of the Khiva Khanate.

Keywords: Khiva Khanate, legal ruler, Umar Sheikh, “council’ and “majlis”, Shaybanites, “Shajarayi Tarokima”