The multiple forms of modern and contemporary slavery and slave trade in Cameroon and Nigeria from 1833 to 2021

As objective against the ills of the society today and according to research on Slaving activities in the ancient,modern and contemporary eras, findings show and prove that slavery and slave trade that was abolished now operate at another level in the contemporary period. This could be viewed with it enormous happenings like prostitution,drug and human trafficking, piracy at seas and others. Therefore, approaching this subject it is good to bring out some of the modern and contemporary forms of slavery which many are not aware of them and their dangerous effects to man and nature. This must be known, visualize and proven for the fight against it societal manipulations.

This substantial and essential learning has as method the assurance via documents from libraries,archives and internet which have helped raised the wetted appitite, ambition, and knowledge to expound on for correction hence follow and work in line with past laws earlier stipulated.

Keywords: objective, society today, slavery, slave trade, contemporary, forms, dangerous.