Understanding Themes in Poetry Classes through Songs

This paper discusses and suggests the incorporation of songs in poetry classes to make students understand themes in literature. Themes in literature range from topics such as love, parenthood, childhood, friendship, war and peace, sufferings, homelessness, nostalgia, racism and so on. Each writer has different purposes for presenting these themes in their literary pieces. The genre of poetry is no exception. Poets have used these themes in their works to give pleasure to readers, share feelings or impart a moral lesson by making people aware of certain societal issues and drawing their attention. This short communication discusses how songs can enhance understanding of common themes in poetry. The researchers have selected two English poems along with two English songs that have commonalities from thematic perspectives. These selections and their incorporation in poetry classes can help in explaining and clarifying the themes of ‘war and peace” and ‘racism’. 

Keywords: Class, Poetry, Songs, Students, Themes