Exploration of Short and Long Term Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Nigerian Health System and Economic Development.

Covid-19 pandemic is one of the deadly disease that has a long and short term effects on the nation’s economy as well as health system. Because of this the researcher assessed how this diseases affects the nation’s economy and the health system in general. In writing this paper the researcher used secondary data where books, journals magazines, newspapers, reports and books chapters were extensively reviewed. However, the researcher found that this deadly diseases (Covid-19) begins in the late 2019 in China but it later spread to other nations Nigeria inclusive.  The study found that Covid-19 pandemic in the Asian and other part of the globe has been steady. The pandemic start affecting Latin America in February 25, 2020, this was confirmed and disclosed by the Brazilian minister of health as the first cases. The study found that the eruption Covid-19 in most of the nations as a result of or affected by a plain serious respirational disease, this diseases affect all the respiratory organs (precisely the lungs). Again the researcher observed that the Covid-19 pandemic mostly affects smokers, this is because their respiratory organs have a bigger tendencies for respiratory infections. In regards to the nation’s economy it is un derstood that border closure and total lockdown, social distancing, stay at home policy, avoidance of people congregation, total lockdown of schools as well as places of work where infections has been exposed, the isolation of family members, towns, cities have no doubt affected the nation’s economy and the health system delivery.  To overcome or to minimize the spread of the diseases (Covid-19) the researcher came up with the following recommendation. There is need to maintain social distance in all places of worship, Institutions of learning, Market, Hospital and places of social activities.  Secondly, people with respiratory infections and heart related problem should be isolated and treated separately. There is need for medical advice especially to the old aged and smokers.

Keywords: Development; Economic; Covid-19; Exploration; Pandemic; Nigeria; Short and Long Term; Health System; Effects.