Playful strategies of Physical Culture for students with SEN in the teaching of Entrepreneurship and literature.

The present research has as its objective to prevent accidents in educational work in the field of teaching the subjects of language, computer science and entrepreneurship using physical culture to avoid bad postures and failures in the displacement of the skeletal- motor apparatus. For this purpose, 30 hyperactive students from the following institutions were taken as a sample: Unidad Educativa Salitre, Unidad Educativa General Vernaza and Escuela de Educación Básica Francisco Iñiguez Castro of the city of Salitre, provinces of Guayas in Ecuador, with the purpose of predisposing them to perform coordinated movements and at the appropriate times to acquire a motor culture that guarantees their biological safety from psychomotor skills. The study is inductive- deductive, multidisciplinary, coordinated by the areas of Physical Culture, Language and Literature, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship and Management. It is concluded in the study that when the areas are united with the purpose of applying multidisciplinary projects, it is possible for hyperactive students to potentiate their predisposition towards sales and towards theater, vocalization and oratory successfully increasing between 40 to 60% their intellectual production and with a qualitative average of satisfaction and pride for their work done in class.

Key words: Coordination- culture- skeletal-motor-theater-vocalization