Design of a New Page-Turning Laser Pen/Mouse of Multifunctional Wireless Based on Intelligence Conception

This research aims to focus on the disadvantages of single and complicated laser pointers. Based on the intelligent conception, a design program for a multi-functional new wireless mouse page-turning laser pointer is proposed. Compared with the laser pointer on the market, the advantages of this design program are to add wireless mouse and remote control function, which can help users do presentation activity in various occasions, and improve the operation efficiency, including the integration multi-function of mouse, keyboard, page-turning, laser guiding, and five integration functions of USB. While the product is compact, the keys are simple and the operation method is simple, reasonable application of page turning laser pointer and user organic combination, more exquisite and flexible collocation of multimedia application equipment, play a better intelligent application effect.

KEYWORDS: Intelligent conception, Page-turning laser pen, Wireless mouse, Multi-function, Product design