The study examined technological capabilities of maize farmers in Adamawa and Taraba State. Specifically, the study examined technological capabilities of maize farmers, identified the sources of information among the farmers, determined constraints in acquiring technological capabilities of farmers, and identified strategies for improving technological capabilities of maize farmers in the study area. Multistage sampling procedure, purposive, simple random, and snowball sampling were used. Data were analysed using percentages, mean, standard deviation, and varimax rotated factor analysis. The result showed that majority (84.7%) of farmers had high investment capabilities in equipment. About 54.0% of farmers made minor changes in planting dates and 69.4% made major changes in the use of improved maize seed varieties. Also significant were linkages of extension agents with farmers ( = 3.0) and farmers with other farmers is (  = 4.4). Sourcing of information on maize innovation across farmers showed that about 93.6% of maize farmers obtained information from fellow maize farmers. Types of linkages between farmers with extension agents (97.1%) were formal and farmers with other farmers (79.3%) as were informal. Results also depicts that linkage level between extension agents and farmers was strong (  = 3.2). Constraint to technological capabilities of farmers were poor funding to research, ( = 3.6), poor funding for teaching on maize innovation ( = 3.6), insufficient fund to procure equipment for maize production ( = 3.7). These factors were further named organizational/linkage, training/funding, knowledge, linkage, funding related among others. Strategies for improving technological capabilities for farmers were provision of favourable enabling environment by government to motivate youths to engage in maize production ( = 3.84). The study, therefore, recommended among others that there should be more synergy or collaboration among researchers, educators, extension agents, and farmers for efficient and effective enhancement of their technological capabilities in the maize innovation system in the study area.

Keywords: Technological, Capabilities, Maize, Farmers, Adamawa, Taraba