Analysis on the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Rice Planting in Maoming Paddy Soil and Its Agricultural Role from the Perspective of Agrogeography

Rice is one of the main crops in grain production. The spatialtemporal distribution of rice planting, area, and other related factors can affect grain production. At the same time, paddy soil is the main soil for planting rice, which has a great influence on rice. In this study, the paddy soil distributed in Maoming City is taken as a study area. In terms of agrogeography, this study aims to realize the spatial-temporal relation between paddy soils and rice planting, as well as its production. Thus, this study taking 2001, 2005, 2011, 2016, and 2021 as the five-year time span, the spatialtemporal distribution and area data of rice planting in paddy soil were analyzed. On this basis, the correlation analysis between rice planting area of paddy soil and rice output value was also explored. Finally, the rice yield prediction model of paddy soil was made by taking the rice planting area of paddy soil as the variable.

KEYWORDS: Paddy soil; Spatial-temporal distribution of rice planting; agriculture role; Yield prediction model; Agrogeography.