Human life is an internal and external balance, it is the exchange of man with nature. The transformation between man and nature manifests in necessity and freedom, unconsciousness and instinct, ability and need, will and knowledge, creativity, and responsibility. Living reality is an exchange between abilities and needs. Human abilities and needs in the exchange of natural functions become tasks in the division of labor and distribution of products of society. The work of patriarchs, priests, civil servants, and businessmen is the repetitive behavior according to tradition, morality, law, and money that makes the profession in the family, religion, state, and company bear its identity capacity of a species. Species instincts became common, humans became scarce, so creativity was a need. Creating people is a need, so people become commodities in exchange and sale. Human needs are different from the instinctive needs of the species. The human need to create new knowledge becomes the ability to meet different objects, making products rich. People and products are objects and needs of each other. Without people, the product is meaningless. Human existence makes the products valuable. The product needs a lot of human brains and hands. Humans are the subjects to improve the world, nurture plants, sensitize animals, nurture fellow human beings, and make products that are used for the living of all species. Man is the need of all. Everything alien to human life is disorienting.

Keywords: Human, species, needs, instincts, creativity