Lithium Governance in Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th century has caused the evolution of the use of energy, however, it is important not to lose sight of the impact that it brings. Technology has made significant advances, but every technological and scientific advance has environmental consequences, thus causing climate change, an extremely fashionable topic today, since its effects are already being felt, which is why global concern is of great importance. impact to achieve the cooperation of all countries, especially developed countries, for which objectives have been set from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (1992), to try to reduce Greenhouse Gases. For this reason, lithium has become the mineral par excellence to counteract greenhouse gases, and to be able to achieve the energy transition in the world, but for this the countries called the “lithium triangle” (Chile, Argentina and Bolivia) must reinforce its legal instruments to prevent wild extractivism.

Keywords: Climate Change, Governance, Energy Transition