Impact Assessment of the “Mulat sa Aklat” Reading Program for the Elementary Pupils of Malvar

The success of any community extension program lies in its capacity to transform the lives of its beneficiaries. Extension programs centering on literacy can help young learners in developing a genuine love for reading which is essential for attaining the desired competencies and outcomes across learning areas. Hence, this study assessed the impact of the implemented literacy program, Mulat sa Aklat, for elementary graders by examining and tracing the reading levels of its beneficiaries who were Grade 1 pupils. Results revealed that the reading level of the beneficiaries had significantly improved as they were continuously promoted to Grade 5 affirming the positive impact of the implemented literacy program on their reading competencies and academic attainment. This study calls for a sustainable reading development plan which includes continuous orientation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

 Keywords: reading assessment, reading development plan, extension program, parental involvement