Louis Philip Doody, his Life, and his Literary Works

Louis Philip Doody (Brandon Philips) is the American writer of action-adventure tales and historical books who is inspired by the accounts of great world explorers like Marco Polo, Captain Cook, and Aurel Stein. Their encounters with people of other cultures provide the material for his writing. Over the years, he has shared his love of world history and foreign languages with his students to promote better understanding between East and West. From the Italian neighborhood of Boston where he grew up, and Honolulu where he received his master’s degree from the University of Hawaii, Doody has gone on to explore the Pacific, Europe, and Asia. His extensive travels gave him the material on culture and politics for adaptation in his novels. In his writings, the author takes his readers around the world with his characters in search of treasures.  Louis P. Doody lives in Hawaii with his wife and spends time in California and New England with his extended family. In this article, I will focus on his life, his two fiction adventures, and two non-fictional historical books. 

Keywords: American Writer Louis P. Doddy, Action-adventure Tales, Historical Works