Resident’s Perception of the Effects of Erosion on Streets and Roads in Jalingo Metropolis, Taraba State, Nigeria

The study examined the residents’ perception of the effects of erosion on the streets and roads in Jalingo Metropolis, Taraba State. The aim and objectives of the study were to determine the effects of erosion in the study area, to examine the causes of erosion on streets and roads, to determine the severity of erosion on roads as well as resident’s perception of the effects of erosion on the streets and roads in the study area. A reconnaissance survey of the study area was carried out to assist in the identification and accurate delimitation of the study area. The survey was done to collect proper information on the causes and effects of erosion occurrence on streets and roads Extent of the erosion damage in the study area was examined through visual inspection. In this area were viewed as natural causes and human causes. The natural causes include rainfall, topography, and soil condition. While human causes include land-use patterns and waste disposal methods, poor maintenance practices and poor construction activities. The study recommended that among others, the need for regular maintenance to keep ditches, drains and culverts clear. The study concludes that the causes of erosion on streets and roads range from natural factors such as the topography of the terrain, soil nature, rainfall and human factors such as kind use patterns, poor waste disposal methods, poor construction and maintenance activity.

Keywords: Erosion, Roads, Streets Perception, Jalingo, Taraba