E-Learning: Effective Tool for Curriculum Content Delivery in Tertiary Education in Nigeria.

The upsurge of information technology during and after the COVID-19 has spurred several modes of learning to achieve educational goals. This paper examined e-learning as an effective tool for curriculum content delivery in tertiary education in Nigeria. The adoption of e-learning has opened a vista of opportunities for digital learning among teachers and learners in tertiary education. It has made learning more accessible, inclusive and students centered. Despite these benefits, there are myriad challenges confronting the adoption of e-learning in tertiary education, some are inadequate basic digital infrastructures, teachers’ incompetence and perception on the use of technology, and paucity of funds for tertiary education. The paper concluded that e-learning is the new normal in education, and tertiary institutions should integrate electronic learning if the institutional goals of achieving the manpower needs of the society are achieved. This paper among others recommended that teachers in tertiary education should be trained and retrained on the use of information technology, and the administrators of tertiary education should adopt the policy of paperless administrative policy.

Keywords: Curriculum, Curriculum Content, Curriculum Content Delivery, E-Learning, Tertiary Education.