The study aims to contribute on how to describe your loved ones behind the niche, how the memory reminisces in the past that cannot be forgotten behind the veil, how the examples of the deceased person provide a lesson of life, how the death of loved ones affects them, and what are the things you reminisced about from your dead ancestors that are behind the veil of life.

The Focus Group Discussion (FGD) explores the study on behind the niche a memory to reminisce, a phenomenological approach. The research employs the used of qualitative phenomenological descriptive method which designed is appropriate in the study. The research participants are the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) who are involved in the family history generation, indexing, and performing baptism for the dead of their dead ancestors. The study comprised eighteen (18) respondents only.

Results show that description of the dead ancestors reveal they feel distress and pain following the overwhelming bereavement and frightening, memories in the past show that they reminisce about their birthdates, anniversaries, and all kinds of occasions when they are still alive to celebrate especially in hosting a dinner, and eating, examples and lessons learned from the dead ancestors show to accept reality that death is a part of life, move forward with the grief and maintain the legacy of their love, effects of the loss show that they are affected by their sound mind and body during the process of grief, reminisce from the dead ancestors show that they are a good provider in the family, especially on the basic needs of the members of their siblings.

Keywords: Behind the niche, memory to reminisce, dead ancestors, death of loved ones, description of the dead ancestors, lessons learned from the dead ancestors, effects of the loss, reminisce from the dead ancestors