Insight of Safety Reporting Behaviour Determinants in the Workplace

The study attempts to provide empirical evidence on the direct influence of safety training, safety rules, and management commitment on safety reporting behaviour. Using data obtained from 152 Safety and Health Officers (SHO) from various companies located in peninsular of Malaysia, structural equation modeling results revealed that safety rules and management commitment had a significant influence on safety reporting behaviour.  However, safety training had not influence on safety reporting behaviour. These findings provide additional insights of the importance of safety rules and management commitment as relevant factors that explains safety reporting behaviour in the workplace.  It implied that SHO should be made familiar with safety rules on incident reporting process.  Meanwhile, management commitment is crucial to help companies to manage under-reporting problems existing in the workplace and allows them to implement appropriate preventive and corrective actions.

Keywords: Safety Reporting Behaviour; Safety Training; Safety Rules; Management Commitment, Safety, and Health Officers.