The paper examined management of change in office and information management. Specifically, the paper ascertained the role of change management on office and information management profession and explored the difficulties of change in office and information management. Conceptual reviewed was reviewed to give understanding to organizational change and change management. The paper also reviews two (Lewin’s Three-Step Change Theory and Lippitt’s Phases of Change Theory) theories of change in organization. Qualitative research approach was adopted and the secondary sources of data was used. Findings from empirical studies was used as the benchmark for establishing the study outcome, which revealed that change management is practiced in the office and information management profession, and also revealed that there behavourial and social difficulties attached to the implementation of change in office and information management. The paper further recommends that organization management should encourage change process in the aspect of office and information management functions and responsibility for re-engineering innovative work process.

Keywords: Management of Change, Organizational Change, Office and Information Management