Role of management information system (MIS) in evaluating the performance of different firms in Jordan

Importance of using the management information system (MIS) in the business has gained much importance overtime and it has become a substantial portion of business in Jordan. Its use has been tremendously uplifted in last decade by the firms as well as the government organizations, and individuals as well. Technological advancements and breakouts have encouraged the increased use of ISs and the revolution in the telecommunication sector i.e., the internet, the increasing demand for information economy, the trending globalization which created an unlimited marketplace globally, and progression of competitive digital firms. These innovations revolutionized ISs from a mere data processing system towards decision support system, which acted as basis for new business environment. The current study discussed numerous challenges as well as perspective of MIS implementation in Jordan. The study was designed by selecting 30 different firms operating in Jordan by distributing a questionnaire as well as interview for collecting the relevant data.

Moreover, the current study attempted to reflect the impact of MIS in Jordan business organizations. It was aimed at to determine that how the ISs help an organization or business firm to operate at its optimum efficiency. Based on the outcomes of the current study, it was recommended that the business organization should permit resilience and flexibility in the pattern or nature as well as MIS structure. Furthermore, suitable consideration should be given to the communication via media agencies for favoring the company’s control of the market as well as acquisitioning suitable computer software for meeting an ever-increasing expansion as well as growth in the market environment. 

Keywords: Management information system, Jordan, Efficiency, Firms, business organization