Teens Mass Media as a Semiotics Technology: Sociolinguistics Approach

This research is to find out how social media as a digital platform, in this case the twitter media account in its representation as semiotic technology. The form of research used is qualitative research. The data source of this research is data obtained directly from direct observation and tracing of what is trending topic for one week from August 23 to August 29, 2021. The results of this study indicate that the denotation meaning contained in the topic of DPR Members concludes that many Indonesian people’s views about DPR Members are considered as extensions or representatives of the community in Indonesian politics. The connotative meaning contained in the topic of DPR Members is political motives where the topic discusses the pros and cons of the community regarding the existence of DPR Members. Based on the data above, it can be concluded that social media, especially Twitter, which has often received negative views can be used as semiotic technology.

Keywords: Trending Topic, Semiotic Technology.