The state is a human product, so the state is a human creation. Since people are products of the state, they have state instincts. Human creativity becomes the instinct of the state. The existence of the state is an instinct, it possesses people without knowing enough, without knowing how to stop, always feeling lacking. The state’s human possession in various forms can become wars of invasion and anti-invasion, causing society to divide into the ruling and dominated classes, civil servants, and citizens. But all are human, making the function of protecting human rights, survival, and maintaining the race become the function of protecting the homeland, dominating, and managing. The common management function of states today has become the exclusive policy of promulgating laws and issuing money policies. Money and law are the basic tools of every state. The state’s management of citizens, occupations, jobs, and property by law is individual, and distribution by money is universal, making life have a money instinct. Money becomes a strange force, dominating people. People who dominate, coerce, and manage each other become money that dominates, coerces, and manages people. People management became money management, business made service professions appear. When money is an instinct in life, love of money becomes respect for people with money. Money services serve people with money. Money becomes an object of mutual service between people. The service function of money is popularized, the state’s management function by law becomes redundant, and the service function of the state is an inevitable trend.

KEYWORDS: state, domination, management, money, law