Lightweight aggregate concrete: a study on production and structural application

This research paper investigates the production of lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC) and its experimental performance within the context of bending structures. The objective is to elucidate the advantages and prospective applications of LWAC, particularly in structural components subjected to bending forces. This study encompasses the development and testing of two distinct concrete mix formulations and four beam specimens, encompassing of both conventional aggregate concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete, for comparative analysis. The mechanical characteristics of the lightweight aggregate concrete mixture showed a likeness to conventional concrete concerning slump. Nevertheless, they exhibited a lower compressive strength, reduced dry weight, and an accelerated ultrasonic pulse velocity. Notwithstanding these distinctions, they conform to the prescribed criteria for strength and slump as stipulated in EN206-1, ASTM C330/C330M-17a, and ACI 318-11 standards. Furthermore, the performance assessment of lightweight aggregate concrete within flexural beam structures reveals that the LAWC10 and LAWC12 beam specimens are entirely suitable for structural utilization. This suitability is clear in terms of both their load-bearing capacity and deformations (displacements).

KEYWORDS- Lightweight aggregate, Concrete, Bending structure