Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary scientific subject concerned with the design, fabrication, characterization, and use of structures, devices, and systems on the nanometric scale. By manipulating shape and size at the nanoscale scale, nanotechnology is concerned with the design, characterization, production, and applications of structures, devices, and systems. By regulating better patient compliance, nanotechnology is related to the design, characterization, manufacture, and applications of structures, devices, and systems. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology includes the use of nanomaterials in pharmacy, as well as imaging, biosensor, and drug delivery systems. Pharmaceutical nanoparticles are sub nanoscale structures made of several tens or hundreds of atoms or molecules with a range of sizes (from 5 nm to 300 nm) and morphologies. They include drugs or bioactive chemicals.Nanotechnology’s current position in the pharmaceutical industry includes the development of Nanomedicine, tissue engineering, nanorobots, biosensors, biomarkers, and so on. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology offers chances to improve materials, medical devices, and aid in the development of new technology in areas where existing and more traditional technologies may have reached their limits. Consequently, developments in this discipline will lead to enhanced drug delivery as well as other medical and pharmaceutical prospects in the approaching years. Nanotechnology, which uses nanostructures as a tool, has made improvements in disease diagnosis and treatment.These particles are made up of pure active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and are frequently stabilized with surfactants and/or polymeric stabilizers affixed to their surface. The average particle size typically ranges from 1 nm to 1000 nm. This technology has shown promise in the treatment of cancer, AIDS, and a variety of other disorders. This review article focuses on recent breakthroughs in nanostructures and nanotechnology for medication delivery, nanomedicine, cures, drug discovery, cosmetics, the scope and opportunity of nanotechnology in pharmacy, the obstacles and prospects of nanotechnology in pharmacy, and the future of nanotechnology in pharmacy.

Keywords: nanoparticles, nanoformulations, drug delivery, cancer, cosmetics